Case Study: iRobot Looj / "Modern Family"



  • iRobot wanted to get exposure for its Looj product, a robotic gutter cleaner, in family-oriented television shows.

  • In effort to get the writers to write Looj in, we left a Looj in the writers’ room for inspiration.  

  • Looj was written into the script.  Although the product got great visual exposure, the scene did not include a verbal mention of the product name.  

  • Since Looj is the only robotic gutter cleaner on the market we were curious to monitor Google searches the first 24 hours after the episode aired to see if the product still attracted viewer interest.

View the clip here:



  • Google searched in first 24 hours using terms such as “gutter done” and “robot gutter cleaner” increased by 149 percent.  

  • Traffic on iRobot Web site Looj page spiked for several days after airing