“I suppose for me as an artist it wasn’t always just about expressing my work; I really wanted, more than anything else, to contribute in some way to the culture I was living in."  
 David Bowie

OK, we are hardly worthy of being on the same page as a quote by the great David Bowie, but we think we have a small understanding of where he was coming from.  It is a similar passion for our culture that inspired PopLab founder Kathleen Williams to start the company.  We are a unique kind of firm that was built upon a foundation made up of two of our greatest loves – pop culture and brands.

In the case of pop culture we have a deep respect and understanding of this phenomenon.  Oh sure, some view pop culture as trivial and socially unimportant.  We strongly disagree and have vast respect for the artists, writers, performers, roadies, prop masters, craft services crews, camera operators, and hundreds of other people who work long hard hours to bring us our entertainment.  

We also have a never-ending crush on brands .  Being a good and reliable brand is not enough to inspire sales.  It takes designers, engineers, seamstresses, chemists, copywriters, package designers, product managers and, yes, marketers with really good ideas to make a product a success. 

Combine these two loves in just the right way … and watch magic happen.  We have seen it over and over.  Think about it…

  • ET loved Reese’s Pieces
  • What would we do without Cracker Jack when you take us out to the ballgame?
  • Because of Carrie, we cherish Manolo.
  • And, DJ Roomba would have never been born without Tom Haverford (and yes, we did that!)

That’s who we are.  And we want to work with you!